Antony Owen

Profile Questionnaire from Antony Owen

Q1. What is your position in the club?

Treasurer, Chairman, Community Club co-ordinator, Coach mentor, Under 18 and Under 14 manager.

Q2. What was your motivation for getting involved?

I started playing when I was 17 at Earls Barton United, by 20 I was club treasurer and since then have managed both adults and childrens football teams within the club. Just love football and cannot see any child miss out and cannot see a club that gave me so much support and enjoyment struggle.

Q3. What do you feel makes the club so special?

We try to offer and develop a full football education, not just about winning but respecting others, discipline, the desire to do your best. When you get it right the opportunities it opens with regards to courses, our German exchange programme, residential tournaments and your future involvement in football at the highest level you can achieve

Q4. How would you describe your coaching style?

I am not sure I have a style, I like things a certain way and like to build from a defensive stance. I like to give players freedom to express both on the pitch and their views. However I really do not like ill discipline and rudeness/lack of respect.

Q5. What is your favourite part of the coaching experience?

Seeing a player do something they either had not done before or struggled previously with and watch the smile on their face and their chest raise a couple of inches with pride. Then to see them carry it into a match or just playing with their teammates.

Q6. Who was your biggest playing or coaching influence?

There was no one individual just a collection of memorable moments and comments. But the biggest influence on my style is my late Dad. Nothing was too much trouble for him, whether it was picking us up from a nightclub or taking to a girlfriends house. I cannot remember him saying no and there were 5 of us. Through his hard work and sacrifice he gave us opportunities, it was up to us if we took them

Q7. If there was one part of the game you would change what would it be?

The physical contact in the box on set pieces, it is not rugby or American Football, I cannot see why it is not clamped down on.

Q8. If you could give your playing self one piece of advice , what would it be?

There are 2; Learn to kick with both feet. I was so one footed. The 2nd is be more confident and embrace things new, lack of confidence really does limit you and the majority of the time your peers respect your views and answers a lot more of you than you think they do.

Q9. What’s your most fond memory from your time within EBUFC?

I have so many great and remarkable memories through my playing, coaching and membership of this club, I cannot single one out and I would not want to. The memories Earls Barton United have given to me, I would not choose to swap. In 35 years of involvement I wish I had more records or could have bottled it.

Q10. What would you say to a player considering joining EBUFC?

If you and your Parents/guardians come with the right attitude and an open mind you will be encouraged to achieve your full potential and have many happy memories, long after your trophies end up in a bag in the loft. The majority of memories stay with you from things that occur off the pitch, friends, trips and knowledge. Be true to yourself.