Alex Trusty – EBUFC Player of the Month – September 2016

Alex Trusty – Goalkeeper

Not only are the girls having great success as a team but they also boast this month’s EBUFC Player of the Month in Goalkeeper Alex Trusty. Alex has started the season in fantastic form, delivering a number of performances of an exceptionally high standard – so much so that she’s already claimed Girl of the Match in 2 out of the 4 games played, narrowly missing out on a third! One of the key ingredients in any good goalkeeper is bravery and Alex has this in abundance, making numerous one on one saves at the feet of oncoming strikers – she’s not afraid to do so and opposition players can easily find themselves dominated by that fantastic attitude and application – a lesson for any goalkeeper of any age.

It would be unfair to simply say that her game is just about bravery though, as she has also developed the art of the Sweeper Keeper, using her feet to start moves, clean up at the back and quickly turn defence into attack. Her outstanding performances were epitomised in the tight game against OG’s where she was called on to make a number of key saves and did so with a confidence of a very experienced keeper. It’s amazing then that Alex only been playing football since January and her progression to date has been nothing short of amazing, she had come on leaps and bounds (apt for a keeper!). Alex has a bright future in football.

Congratulations Alex – well done. If you would like to nominate a Player for next month feel free to email the club at [email protected]. You may be a player, a coach, an assistant or a supporter – but be sure to add why you believe that player should be nominated.