For Anne……


By Cliff Elliot


Anne to me was my Northampton mum.

 She’d calm me down when football wasn’t much fun.

 But there was a few times, she’d call me and say

 Cliff, we have another appointment with the FA

 But with Anne by my side,  I always knew

 My ten game ban would be reduced to two.

 She had a voice of reason, with an intelligent sound

 One I loved to hear, as it saved me a few pound

 Anne’s Rosey cheek smile, will never leave my mind

 From Barton to Wittlich,  a warmer one you won’t find .

 Take the S from her Smile,  that’s how far it goes

 Especially on your good days , and also your lows.

 Life’s about living,  so grasp with both hands

 Keep smiling don’t waste it,  or bury your head in the sands

 I’m going to keep smiling, even though I feel sad

 I knew Anne,  so life’s really not bad .