Jake Shurville

Q1. What is your position in the club?

Under 18’s Manager

Q2. What was your motivation for getting involved?

Having played for Earls Barton at every age group from the age of 7, I felt it was important to volunteer to help the club that I have always played for.

Q3. What do you feel makes the club so special?

The community feel. Everyone is welcome to train with their age group and there is always other teams and managers around when you go to the Pioneer.

Q4. How would you describe your coaching style?

Easy going and relaxed, as long as the players are doing what is asked of them and giving 100% effort

Q5. What is your favourite part of the coaching experience / your role in the club?

Helping more players come through the youth teams and into the adults set-up for their long term stability.

Q6. Who was your biggest playing or coaching influence and why?

My playing influence was Peter Schmeichel, even though I’m Leeds fan, he’s the best goalkeeper I’ve ever seen.

Q7. If there was one part of the game you would change what would it be?

Dissent towards referees, they never change their decision so I don’t see why players can’t get on with it and focus on the next part of the game.

Q8. If you could give your playing self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Work A LOT harder and listen to your Dad more!

Q9. What’s your most fond memory from your time within EBUFC?

Being captain of the Under 12’s team that won the league in the 1999/2000 season.

Q10.What would you say to a player considering joining EBUFC?

If you want to play for a club that supports you from mini soccer all the way to the adults team then this is the club for you.

Thanks Jake – The Club