Jason Lloyd

Q1. What is your position in the club?

Under 7 Manager.

Q2. What was your motivation for getting involved?

My son was part of the Under 6 team for two years and when no managers were stepping up take the team on I put my name forward. I’m pleased I did as I am now involved with the community, get to help keep the football team going and let kids play football.

Q3. What do you feel makes the club so special?

The club has a lot of history and, with so many people involved, it touches many parts of the community.

Q4. How would you describe your coaching style?

I want to see all the players have fun and enjoy playing their football. I try to get everyone involved, am supportive, allow the players to learn for themselves and encourage their own development.

Q5. What is your favourite part of the coaching experience / your role in the club?

Seeing the players happy, smiling and having fun after a training session or match.

Q6. Who was your biggest playing or coaching influence and why?

I don’t have a big coaching influence although I do admire how Alex Ferguson got the best out of his players and team. I don’t have a hair dryer though.

Q7. If there was one part of the game (or your role if non coaching ) you would change what would it be?

There are probably lots of things people would like to change but at the moment just keeping the emphasis on playing football is enough.

Q8. If you could give your playing self one piece of advice , what would it be?

Always be yourself.

Q9. What’s your most fond memory from your time within EBUFC?

It’s still early days for me with EBUFC so I’m hoping to make many good memories along the way.

Q10. What would you say to a player considering joining EBUFC?

If you want to be part of a well respected, local club which has teams from under 6 through to adults then come along to one of our training sessions to find out more and see who we are.

Thanks Jason – The Club