Matthew Smith

Q1. What is your position in the club?

I am the U13’s Girls Manager & Coach and a Club Committee member.

Q2. What was your motivation for getting involved?

I am a football enthusiast he was keen to do something different by coaching girls football.  There is a lot of hype round ladies football her in England and I wanted to be part of that.

Q3. What do you feel makes the club so special?

Such a welcoming club with a strong ethos throughout the club that football should be coached and played in the right way from adults through to mini soccer.

Q4. How would you describe your coaching style?

I am a coach who likes to get the ball down and play.  I believe that coaching should be as game related as possible

Q5. What is your favourite part of the coaching experience / your role in the club ?

Watching teams develop and winning.

Q6. Who was your biggest playing or coaching influence and why?

can’t think of one!

Q7. If there was one part of the game (or your role if non coaching ) you would change what would it be?

I would stop coached marching up and down the line when games are going on to allow the players to have more responsibility of what goes on on the pitch.

Q8. If you could give your playing self one piece of advice , what would it be?

Enjoy it everytime you cross the whiteline.

Q9. What’s your most fond memory from your time within EBUFC?

Winning the treble as the manager with the first team in 2012/13 season, be tough to top that if I’m honest.

Q10.What would you say to a player considering joining EBUFC?

Come and join as you would enjoy every minute of the excellent coaching that Earls Barton offers

Thanks Matt – The Club